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MD Foods began trading in 2001 as suppliers and manufacturers of sandwiches on the south coast of England, supplying to independent retail stores locally. We were the first company in the UK to launch sandwiches to be retailed at 99p and have still managed to maintain this retail price. Gradually, we have added other products such as chilled foods, sandwiches and rolls, fast foods, dairy products, meat and poultry, cakes and confectionery, juices, smoothies, and beverages to our portfolio. MD Foods has since expanded to become one of the UK’s largest wholesalers, importers, distributors, and suppliers to local independent retail stores all across the country. We have multiple depots across Britain that work for the well-being of our customers, ensuring quality and efficiency. We then opened up Goodys Basket Ltd. This company is the main wholesaler and importer, whereas MD Foods works as the distributor and supplier. Using these two separate means that we can appropriately deal with four different sections, or two halves, without compromising any productivity and performance for our customers.
Moreover, during the events of 2020, we saw that the local retail market was struggling. The everyday consumer would go to bigger supermarkets rather than their local retail stores. This caused the bigger supermarkets to have long queues, and shortages of household necessities and the consumers were more exposed to the virus due to the large volumes of people in the stores. In addition, it would take weeks to get their delivery slots and there were minimum expenditures of £40-£50. After consumers saw these problems with the big supermarkets and realized that local retail businesses didn’t have these issues, they started to go to local convenience stores, which was beneficial for them. However, smaller stores didn’t offer online services, and We initially tried to support them during the tough times by, for example, offering lower prices and full sales or returns. We then released an online platform called D2D Grocer. The platform is free for all independent retail stores and offers them the access to move their store online, which allows them to compete with their larger counterparts as they can expand their customer base and offer deliveries. We here at MD Foods want to help our customers, which can then benefit their customers.

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